Detlev Stabenow


Organisation building, project management, management development

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Dr. Hella Gepart


Coaching, group & organisation dynamics, train the trainer

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Johann Melzner

Research & change management

Manuel Stabenow

Change management & team building

Detlev Stabenow




CEO, Diplom-Psychologe



  • Degree in mathematics and physics followed by teaching in Berlin
  • Stayed for several years in Central America working for a German international aid organisation
  • Studied psychology and received licensure as a psychological psychotherapist
  • Training and development in organisational consultancy, organisation building and group dynamics
  • 1982 to 1986: worked for a management consultancy firm
  • 1984 to 1992: managing partner of a consultancy providing in-service training courses for psychotherapists
  • 1986 establishment of ITOP Consulting




Key activities: manager qualification, personality and potential development, and team and organisation building. Particular interest in the interaction between individuals and group processes in organisations, especially in the field of project management.




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Dr. Hella Gephart




Partner, Diplom-Psychologin



  • Degree in psychology, followed by PHD
  • Qualified as trainer in group dynamics (DAGG, DGGO), gestalt therapist (DVG), body therapist
  • Further training in organisation consultancy and change management
  • Since 1988: Supervision, counselling and therapy in her own practice
  • 1999 to 2014: Visiting professor at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, teaching group dynamics and social psychology
  • Since 1992: Director of the Däumling Institute, Society for Advanced Psychological Training and Research
  • Since 2014: Partner with ITOP Consulting




Key activities: Executive coaching in the event of structural and status changes, handovers to next-generation leaders, leadership in law firms and practices, team development processes, and counselling in change management processes.




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