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Detlev Stabenow & Andrea Stabenow

Leadership from a Distance: Virtual Collaboration in Practice

The book shows how a manager can generate mental proximity even from a distance. Spatial distance creates uncertainty, threatening cohesion.

Based on concrete situations from day-to-day leadership practice, the book delivers ideas on how a successful, trustful,and thus purposeful working relationship can be secured with the assistance of new media.

ISBN 978-3-589-23767-8
Detlev Stabenow & Andrea Stabenow

Managing Employees from a Distance: Virtual Teams in Practice

In this enlarged edition, practical exercises and suggestions about reflecting on one‘s own management situation support the transfer of the book‘s content into field practice.

ISBN 978-3-589-24035-7
Detlev Stabenow

Leadership in Project Management

This training manual shows how a specific and often cross-departmental objective may be successfully pursued right across hierarchical structures of order and power. Based on the typical course of a project, the book discusses key situations that are critical for project managers, and provides practical advice.

ISBN 978-3-589-24242-9
Dr. Hella Gephart

Through Lewin’s Eyes: Diagnosis and Intervention in Supervision and Team Building Founded on Field Theory

In: K. Antons, M. Stützle-Hebel (Eds.) Field forces in the here and now: Answers found in Lewin’s field theory to topical questions relating to leadership, consultation, and therapy. Carl-Auer-Verlag: Heidelberg.

Lewin is one of the great theoreticians of the social sciences who unfortunately was paid only inadequate attention. This article transfers some of his theorems into supervisory practice, explaining on the basis of case histories how Lewin markedly improves our view of consultation and coaching.

ISBN 978-3-89670-991-2
Dr. Hella Gephart

The Group as a Remedy: Psychotherapy in a Group

In: C. Edding, K. Schattenhofer (Eds.) Manual: All about groups: theory, application, practice. Basel: Beltz Verlag.

In this standard reference book “All About Groups”, the article ‘The Group as a Remedy’ presents a detailed overview of the history of group theory and therapy, introducing the most important theoretical groundwork and methods as well as the current status of group work and considering application options.

ISBN 978-3-407-36578-1