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Change management

A challenge that is often crucial for the success of a change process is to achieve employee buy-in. The meaning and benefit of the process must be evident to all, and obstructions and resistances must be addressed appropriately. Even a minor false move may bring the process to a halt, occasionally to the point of complete failure.

Our topics

The tools of change management

Leadership in change

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Which models are helpful in cutting through the complexity of change?
  • What factors are critical to success?
  • How can a complete change process be orchestrated?
  • How important is stakeholder management?
  • What must I give particular attention during the launch phase, and what are the various steps on the way to completion?

You will gain greater confidence in tackling change processes. You get to know ways and means for setting up, advancing, and supporting change processes. You acquire a feeling for the classic pitfalls, and you know how to avoid them. Any turbulences will find you adequately prepared.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What are the challenges that confront a manager personally?
  • Which key competencies are needed?
  • How can foreseeable obstructions be addressed proactively?
  • What can leaders do to turn emerging conflicts into a benefit, even if they are over objectives and interests?
  • What should be kept in mind when handling blockades and obstructions?

You will have a clear idea of how to live up to your responsibility as manager in a change process. You improve your ability to reflect and act. You will be familiar with your role as a change agent, understand the processes of group dynamics, and be ready to address them adequately.

Our service portfolio


We advise and support managers and change agents whose responsibility it is to initiate and implement changes.  

Training courses 

We teach key competencies including the ability to schedule a change process accurately, anticipate its course, and prepare for any emerging challenges. Concrete steps for a solution will be developed on the basis of case studies.


Supported by a professional facilitator, the group reflects on the change process. Existing strengths will be reinforced, and any friction losses identified will be eliminated.


Good answers for emerging problems will be found more quickly. Analysing a situation from various angles will improve your control of the situation. You will develop the confidence to see a change process through to the end.