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We advise our clients not to try to ‘go it alone‘. Our independent status as external consultants guarantees that we will take an unbiased look at every blind spot at the interfaces between individuals, roles, and the organisation.

Our topics

Increase self efficacy

Broaden your capabilities

On the way to excellence

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Do I sometimes lack the inner conviction that I need to reach the objectives I am striving for?
  • How can I strengthen my confidence in my ability to master challenges?
  • How can I succeed in tackling tasks confidently even after a failure, instead of giving up?

You will be offered methods and techniques that will enable you to maintain your trust in your own competence and your ability to succeed even in difficult or frustrating situations. You will enhance both your self-motivating potential and your self efficacy.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Is my own way of doing things really the best, or are there alternatives that would produce an even more sustained effect?
  • What can I learn for my own leadership practice from the way in which other colleagues cope with problems?
  • To what extent are my view of critical leadership situations and my own actions as a manager influenced by stereotypical patterns of thought and action prevailing my company?

Individual situation assessments and specific feedback on your own action will support you in defining your own position. Working on yourself and interacting with colleagues will broaden your understanding of systems. As an additional benefit, feedback from colleagues is a valuable contribution towards your personal growth.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Is it possible to narrow the gap between objectives and actual outcomes?
  • Does my own style of leadership prevent subordinate units from achieving success on their own?
  • Is it possible to exercise outcome-based influence on partially autonomous subsystems?
  • Where are hierarchical boundaries indispensable – and where are they counterproductive?

You will receive professional support on your way to excellence. You review the efficacy of your habits in leadership and decision-making. Any complex projects pending will be analysed systematically. You will spot the risks that are inherent in your projects, and develop strategies to counter them.

Our service portfolio

One-on-one Coaching 

Having a professional coach ‘at your side’ simplifies resolving difficult situations. Similarly, one-on-one coaching can be very helpful for individuals who feel they are stuck in a ‘dead end’ facing current challenges in their day-to-day work.

Group coaching 

The idea of group coaching is that participants benefit from peer learning. Together with colleagues in similar positions you address issues that have currently emerged in your workplace. The group acts as a ‘sounding board‘, meaning that everyone benefits from questions asked by individuals in a best-practice learning process.

TOP management coaching 

The task of running an organisation and moving people comes with high-pressure public expectations. To work through special issues, a protected resonance space is indispensable. In this case, coaching is the method of choice. Coaching is impartial, not tied down to inside-the-box thinking, and available on an individualised basis.