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Convincing leadership is not only about technical expertise. Leaders have an impact mainly due to their social skills. To improve managers‘ personal leadership qualities, we design customised skills offensives and develop target group-specific training courses.

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Heading for a leadership role

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Excellence in leadership

Key questions

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  • How can a person‘s natural leadership potential be developed and consolidated?
  • To ensure adequate preparation for an assessment center, what are the essential development steps?
  • How can the results of a development-center assessment be employed to achieve further improvement?

To prepare for a leadership role, you will begin by analysing your current status. Based on guided self-exploration and application-oriented exercises, you will work on areas that are still capable of improvement. You will expand your leadership skills and increase your confidence. You strengthen your authentic behaviour in exercising a leading role and develop your skill of flexible, appropriate action.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How do I acquire influence, and what can be done to make team members feel they are being included, backed up and supported?
  • How can managerial authority and tools be employed so that leadership becomes efficient and motivating?

You will receive feedback about your leadership performance. Feedback, though important, is often hard to get in everyday work. This course will ensure that beginner‘s mistakes won‘t turn into a habit. You will sharpen your awareness of your own personal impact, be able to compare the intended and the actual effect of your actions, and develop ways and means to achieve targets more effectively. You will learn how to draw valuable conclusions regarding your own managerial actions from the reactions of your team.

Our key topics

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What are some of my current leadership issues, and in what respects should my leadership skills be improved?
  • Will fresh impulses be needed to handle developments adequately?
  • Are the expectations to leadership changing, and how can I prepare for that?
  • What will tomorrow‘s leadership be like?

You will try out ways to successfully embrace current issues and emerging developments in your daily practice as a leader. You will use technical input and professional exchange for personal reflection and for upgrading your leadership skills.

Our key topics

Our service portfolio


Through our interactive training courses with their extensive practical content we ensure that leadership skills are built and extended sustainably. A successful transfer into professional practice is guaranteed by our follow-up support.


To share important content and formalise the results for everyone concerned, our service includes planning and facilitating workshops on current leadership topics.

Kick-off presentations 

We present inspiring, relevant academic research on leadership to start a constructive dialogue with managers.


When routine threatens to take over, constructive and critical reflection on everyday leadership practice helps to break up ossified action patterns so that dormant potentials can again be exploited to the full.

One-on-one coaching 

We provide this service when problems call for more profound and personal consideration, and/or if new or alternative action options need to be developed.