Excellence in leadership

Our key topics

  • Leadership from a distance:
    Bridge physical distance by means of mental proximity 
  • Leadership without supremacy:
    Attain goals together without giving authoritative instructions
  • Leadership in turbulent times:
    Initiate and support changes
  • The manager as coach:
    Challenge and encourage employees individually
  • Psychology of management:
    Employee relations as a factor of success
  • Leading through emotional intelligence:
    Avoid emotional upsets
  • Leadership and expectation management:
    Role expectations and fulfilment from various perspectives
  • Leadership and health:
    Identify stressors – manage yourself and others in a healthier way
  • Leading the leaders:
    Provide careful guidance to autonomous subsystems
  • Leadership and generation Y:
    Combine emotional leadership with rational management
  • Ambidextrous leadership:
    Bring together apparently irreconcilable styles of management to solve complex tasks