Range of topics

People skills

Leaders who want to face up to the demands of day-to-day work need work-relevant social skills. We design customised development programmes featuring a large range of intensive hands-on learning opportunities that will boost your action repertoire. Our target group includes employees, leaders, and project managers.

Our topics

Communication and facilitation

Presentation and public speaking

Constructive conflict management

Emotional intelligence

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Can the impact of your own communication behaviour be increased?
  • What benefits can be drawn from the views and opinions of others in a given context?
  • How can results be obtained that everyone buys into?

You will recognise the strengths and development potentials of your communication behaviour. You will also learn how your communicative impact is connected with your mindset. You will learn how to make your case in an argument, and to address the case made by your counterpart more effectively.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How should a presentation be structured to meet the needs of my target group?
  • What makes contents and results illustrative and relevant?
  • How can I reach a lasting effect?
  • What makes a presenter convincing as a person?
  • When and how should the audience be involved in a presentation?

You will learn how to prepare and deliver presentations that are interactive and focussed on their target group. You will practise addressing objections and picking up interest-led criticisms efficiently without losing sight of your own line of argument. You will learn how to heighten your personal impact.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How can I reach my own objectives without disregarding the interests and responsibilities of my colleagues?
  • How can a workplace conflict be made positive and productive?
  • How can the early indications of conflict be better recognised and turned to advantage?
  • How can I resolve a dispute that is highly charged with emotion?

You learn how to analyse workplace conflicts correctly, facilitate conflict resolution, and prevent conflicts from becoming personal. You come to understand how critical conflict constellations can be defused by fair methods before they escalate. In a conflict management situation, you will be able to regulate your own emotions and use your strengths more profitably. You will learn how a conflict can be resolved so that everyone benefits.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • When and why do emotions come into play in a workplace situation?
  • How can I prevent them from dominating the situation, and turning a professional discussion into a hostile confrontation?
  • How should I respond in emotionally charged situations, and how can I improve my own self-regulation?

You expand your repertory of emotion-led actions. You will learn how to notice your emotions more consciously ,and how to regulate them better in emotionally critical situations. You will be able to include the feelings of your counterparts in the debate constructively, and to defuse situations even when they have become charged with emotion.

Our service portfolio

Introductory seminars 

Social skills are best acquired by translating knowledge into concrete action and reflecting on one‘s own experiences. For this reason, teaching and practical training always go hand in hand.

In-depth seminars 

The subject addressed here is experiences in day-to-day work and follow-up considerations. From this analysis we develop profiles featuring individual strengths as well as fields requiring development. To put this know-how to operation at the workplace, participants are supported by practical recommendations and hints for implementing personal objectives.

Role-specific training 

Derived from the requirement profile of a role (e.g. project manager or a specific managerial level), action competencies will be developed for coping successfully with difficult and critical situations that are typical of the function in question.


Where internal barriers prevent an individual from establishing and enhancing personal social skills, individual coaching is the right thing to do. We believe that management coaching is always about personality development, too.