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Project management

Projects follow their own rules, and success can never be taken for granted. The impact of day-to-day business, customer, and line interests may cause havoc in planning and realisation. Whatever happens, project leadership will forever be a demanding challenge.

Our topics

Basics of project management

Leadership skills

Virtual projects

Team skills

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What should a successful project launch look like?
  • What is the best way to plan, monitor, and control a project?
  • How can co-operation be encouraged in a project team and maintained over the entire course of the project?
  • What should be kept in mind when working with stakeholders in the line?
  • How do I conclude a project professionally?

From project specifications to project conclusion: based on case studies, you will work out the essential building blocks of project work (methodology and management), and receive a set of suitable tools. You will see for yourself how the success of a project depends on quality of planning, leadership, and collaboration.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • Which key situations are critical in leadership work, and what fundamental decisions need to be taken?
  • How can I ensure target-oriented co-operation with the client and the line managers of the employees concerned?
  • How can leadership succeed without formal supremacy, and what does that imply for team leadership?

You will learn in which project phases your leadership becomes a critical success factor, and what long-term benefits it will secure for you in the subsequent phases of the project. You will acquire and rehearse various practical approaches to getting a project approved with management, setting up a team, and analysing and coping with project-typical obstacles and conflicts.

Suggested reading

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What makes virtual project management special?
  • Is it possible to collaborate successfully across a distance, and what rules are needed?
  • How should electronic media be used?
  • What are the challenges confronting virtual project management?
  • What specific requirements will employees have to meet?

You will learn how to replace physical distance with mental proximity, and what kind of guidance is helpful in this context. You will learn how to counteract any ‘centrifugal forces‘ and reinforce team cohesion. You will find out how to use electronic media to actively support and assist your employees.

Suggested reading

Key questions

Your benefit

  • When does a bunch of people become a project team?
  • Has the goal been optimally adjusted?
  • Regarding co-operation and co-ordination, has the possible existence of intra-group dependencies been sufficiently considered?
  • Have external influences been considered adequately, and does the team present a common front to the outside world?

Based on its collective potentials a team will develop its own identity. All are aware of the problems that may confront them between line work and project work, and they have adequate solution strategies. There are agreed procedures for solving new problems quickly and effectively.

Our service portfolio

Introductory seminars 

Core subjects include planning, controlling, monitoring, and leading as a project or sub-project manager. Fundamental methods and tools as well as key leadership tasks will be taught with close reference to field practice.

Management seminars 

Whether we are looking at team management or relationships with clients, line managers, stakeholders, or customers – we teach and train project-specific management know-how for a project manager‘s work.


Is there a need to improve co-operation within a project team? If disruptions rule, a moderated workshop is the best way for the entire team to give its work a new and sustainable orientation.


A moderated kick-off meeting will get everyone on board, so that work can start with a focus and at full strength.


We support project managers to ensure that their leadership is professional and convincing, especially where success is of critical importance.