Range of topics


1. Many questions

1. Many questionsWhich objectives are to be attained, and what potentials can be unlocked? Who are the stakeholders? Are the objectives easy to operationalise? Are they linked to other expectations? Have similar attempts been made before? Would a situation analysis make sense?

2. Initial appraisal

2. Initial appraisalWe suggest a range of approaches and strategies which in our opinion meet the case, describing pros and cons in detail. A tentative estimate of the time and effort involved will be presented.

3. Quotation

3. QuotationYou will receive a quotation accompanied by a detailed proposal containing concrete objectives, contents, and a schedule of events. An initial cost estimate will be presented as well.

4. Realisation

4. RealisationBy way of preparation, participant dossiers will be generated. After the measure, participants will receive a certificate of attendance (normally: photographic record).

5. Additional back-up

5. Additional back-upOur cost-neutral quotation includes an additional participant support package during implementation (phone or e-mail). This offer remains valid for each participant for 4 weeks after the event.

6. Evaluation

6. EvaluationOn request we will carry out a detailed evaluation of the measure that covers planning, results and their implementation as well as the process as a whole.

Range of topics