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Team building

Productive collaboration in a team is not something that can be taken for granted. Different ways of thinking and working are latent sources of disruption, as are mutual dependencies. Team building measures are the best investment to keep disruption potentials from becoming disaster sites. At the same time, as-yet undiscovered synergies may be used to make processes even more efficient and improve the results of the team‘s work even further.

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Team success

Managing crises

Work in multi-team systems

Team management and group dynamics

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What conditions must be met to achieve a consolidated team orientation?
  • What should a first-class flow of information and communication look like?
  • What tensions and conflicts may result from a given objective?
  • How can challenges and critical team situations be resolved?

You will have created a sound foundation for collaboration among colleagues. Each team member is clearly aware of what is expected of him/her. The team shares a common understanding about how problems can be resolved quickly and effectively. Agreed rules ensure productivity and satisfaction in collaboration for the future.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What is needed for sustainably resolving deeply entrenched conflicts?
  • How can inter-personal issues be returned to a factual basis?
  • What are the options of reviving engagement that has been lost?
  • How can a relapse into conflict be avoided?

You will explore situations that affect the work of your team negatively. Past grievances and disappointments are discussed and settled jointly. The way into the crisis has been understood, alternative behaviours have been developed, and constructive collaboration is again possible.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How can an overriding goal be achieved by several teams working together?
  • How can a one-sided focus on one team‘s own objectives be avoided?
  • How should co-ordination at the interfaces be organised?
  • How can good leadership secure overall success?

Groups that have so far been focussed on their own goals now broaden their vision to include the concerns of other units that similarly contribute towards reaching an overriding objective. To promote understanding for the interdependencies within a multi-team system, we explore ways to strike a balance between the different team objectives and the common goal. Concrete methods for effectively improving co-ordination at the interfaces will be developed.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How are roles and functions currently distributed in my team?
  • What norms and rules have emerged?
  • Is there a common group culture?
  • How can I actively control group processes?

You will understand the dynamics within your team and its influence on performance and satisfaction. You reflect on how team members interact, and improve your leadership and control of your team. You have methods at your disposal that permit you to build a powerful team from highly diverse individuals.

Our service portfolio

Training courses 

For employees, team or project managers or other managers wishing to build up or enhance their team skills and leadership.


For teams wishing to analyse and optimise their current performance in the field.


Offered when conflicts threaten the success of the team, and settling them with the assistance of an impartial person is the most promising approach.


Working through individual issues from day-to-day practice.